agosto 29, 2011

August 29th, 2011.

Not where to begin, not neither nor that to say. It is obvious that ” happy birthday! “, but I want to write to you slightly more. Today it would be expiring 53 years, and it makes me sad, because you are not here… I do not want to think about it but it is inevitable and impossible to forget. I hate the time. Hatred towards the clock. Hatred towards his handles that the only thing that they can do is to mark the hour of the death. I hate the numbers of the clock, because they remember you what time it was that it happened. Surprising is worse than the death, because one it lives in life. How do I do not to be surprised so much?
Michael, first that at all I want to be grateful for him to the sharm and the naughty form that had of being because, thanks to her I discovered you. It was by night and I was four years old, they all were in the street and I enter of the car of my dad listening to my first song of you. 
After it I was the happiest person of the world, after five years old, this in that it stops you listening, and I never knew the reason. Then, nine years after age, I returned to find you, and it was for MTV, seeing your Blood On The Dance Floor, you provocative video (in which my mom believes that you are beautiful, in end). I returned to be happy! Until to my twelve years of age I lost you, physically, but… Michael, everything you taught me of to forget yourself except. You are still alive in my mind, and I see you dancing, singing, smiling, being kind, and often near with Lisa, hahahaha, always me grace causes it, in end.
I wish a very happy birthday you. I love you, adore you, thank you for teaching me that with the love everything can, thank you for turning into a soldier of lead and always you will be my example to continuing.

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