agosto 30, 2010

It feels strange, empty, desolate ... There is no other way to explain it. 52 years ago a star landed on Earth, with the purpose of letting his light and magic imbued in us.
I call your name and. ..
... All is joy, happiness. There are two words that complete my life, two words that my heart tremble. Just two words, that the names I feel your touch caressing my pale skin.
Two words that sing in the rain, live in the air, dancing in the wind. Two words that became part of my daily life.
Two words that were named with respect, pride, passion, admiration, talent, thanks. But sometimes mutilated with hatred, anger, disgust and contempt. But that does not matter.
Your name fills me with peace of mind, soothe the waters soothe my pain and my suffering.
Just two words ... Michael Jackson

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